The Pelton Impulse Turbine

The Pelton is an impulse type water turbine invented by Lester Allan Pelton in the 1870s.  Peltons are the preferred turbine for hydro-power where the available water source has relatively high head at low flow rates.

The jet(s) of water strike the splitter edge of the double bucket (runner) and is turned through an angle of nearly 180° before falling under gravity into the discharge channel or tailrace.

  • Power Output up to 30MW
  • Head Range 100 - 1000 Mtrs
  • Horizontal Arrangements - Single & Twin Jets
  • Vertical Arrangements - up to 6 jets
  • Over 1000 installations worldwide
  • Installations in 57 Countries


The Pelton Turbine maintains a high efficiency over a wide flow range. Whenever possible two or more jets are specified. This increases the high efficiency flow range. Every Gilkes turbine is selected and optimised to your site conditions in order to provide the best annual energy production figures.

It is possible to use one size of Pelton bucket on a range of different mean runner diameters. By this means the turbine can be designed to operate at maximum possible efficiency for any given set of site conditions.

Pelton runners can be offered fully machined from a single forged block or as a casting solution.

Advantages of the Pelton 

  • Minimum wear
  • No cavitation damage 
  • Limits Over-Pressure Effect over the penstock 
  • Speed load control 
  • High efficiency over wide flow range 


Gilkes new Streamline range of Pelton turbines designed from the ground up for the sub-1MW market, have been engineered to provide a rugged, efficient and reliable addition to our existing range of Pelton turbines.
The Gilkes Streamline range has been fully re-designed in-house using our high performance runners to maximise efficiency and at the same time to simplify the civils interface requirements synonymous with hydro schemes.

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