Since 1940 Gilkes Pumps has been providing pump cooling solutions for Auxiliary Power & Propulsion for Marine Commercial & Recreational engines ranging in capacity from 4L to 120L.

Our design and manufacturing flexibility allows us to maximise pump flow, pressure & efficiency within restricted space envelopes for single and dual circuit cooling systems.

Our market experience helps us understand our Marine customer’s needs and the daily challenges they face.  Designed and manufactured bespoke solutions consider:

Gilkes move into Midrange Marine Engine Cooling Market

New lines of cost competitive pumps focusing on engines between 4L & 19L have provided our initial customers with considerable gains in quality and total cost of ownership. The all metal construction provides a much needed change to the existing “rubber impeller” options, extending life expectancy before service by up to 6 times, saving downtime and costs for the end-user.

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