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What Our Clients Say

"After our long struggle with an ancient, low-bid turbine-generator scheme that many times over the past thirty years threatened to drag the Farmers Irrigation District into bankruptcy, our new Gilkes Turgo turbine is music to our ears. 

"Gilkes is the exact company it rightfully claims to be -- a collective group of highly professional, relationship-based, sophisticated, genuine, and friendly people dedicated to a common goal of excellence. Best of all, even though we set the bar very high, every single last one of you working at Gilkes exceeded our expectations.”

"Our new Gilkes Turgo unit is producing green, renewable electrons in excess of the Gilkes' guaranteed efficiencies, and we know that our new system will operate reliably and efficiently for decades to come.”

Jerry Bryan, FID’s former District Manager and Project Manager for Farmers

Our Products

Since our first turbine installation in 1856, Gilkes Hydropower continue to leverage technology and innovation to increase the efficiency of our turbines whilst reducing the environmental impact. Gilkes Pumping Systems design and manufacture cooling pumps for high horsepower diesel engines using the latest 3D modelling and finite element analysis.

Latest News

Blue Lake Expansion Sitka, Alaska

21 MW
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Our Services

Drawing on the experiences gained from over 160 years of designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning hydro turbines and associated control systems we truly excel when it comes to servicing and plant modernization.
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We provide services from supplying the original manufacture to supplying factory rebuilt pumps and spares to end-user. We support products through their entire life cycle direct in the US.
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