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What Our Clients Say

"The turbine arrived on time, was installed on time, was commissioned on time and the after sales service has been fantastic. I expect the Gilkes turbine to operate far longer than their competitors, with less down time and more efficiency. Congratulations on a job well done." Mark Williams, CEO Boor Hydro Ltd.

Our Products

Since our first turbine installation in 1856, we have been improving and refining designs ever since. Gilkes has produced over 6500 turbines for more than 80 countries, and therefore we are sensitive to regional differences and requirements.

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Carter Lake Colorado, USA

Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

1367 (per unit) KW
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Our Services

Drawing on the experiences gained from over 160 years of designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning hydro turbines and associated control systems we truly excel when it comes to servicing and plant modernization.
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We provide services from supplying the original manufacture to supplying factory rebuilt pumps and spares to end-user. We support products through their entire life cycle direct in the US.
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