Hydro Electrical Packages

Gilkes' knowledge and experience provides you with the complete Hydroelectric Solution.

Cost effective package selection and flexibility of integration.

By their nature, all Hydro Electric Turbines need to be electrically connected to a grid or “load”. Electrical Hardware is required to ensure the Turbine connection is made safely and the generated electricity is compatible with the grid voltage, current and frequency. Typically, the following Electrical Hardware may be required and are offered by Gilkes:

  • Power & Control Cabling – specification, installation, testing
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Generator, Transformer & Grid Protection
  • Transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Switchyard Design

Gilkes Expertise:

  • International Safety Standards
  • Grid Code Compliance
  • NICEIC Registered Company
  • HV Trained Site Engineers
  • Site Installation, Testing and Inspection
  • System Design & Review
  • Plant Modernisation


Control and Protect your Asset whilst optimising generation.

With the know how from over 6800 turbines installed worldwide, be assured Gilkes will give you the control you need.

Linked to sensors that monitor the condition of the Turbine equipment, the Control System is the “brain” of the Hydroelectric Turbine. It sequences the starting and stopping of the Turbine and Ancillary Equipment and protects these items and the Grid to ensure safe and efficient running of the whole Scheme.

What we can offer:

  • Water to wire integration
  • Black Start and Island Generation
  • Island Mode / Grid Mode Transition
  • Multiple Turbine Management for optimum Production
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Performance Data 
  • Water management strategy
  • Interface with Process Plant SCADA
  • Upgrades for old (Plant Modernisation)

Gilkes Expertise:

  • Robust and durable hardware
  • Customised Solutions for your Application using proven Automation techniques
  • In house PLC Programming
  • Control Panel design
  • Integration of Electrical Package and Ancillary Systems


Gilkes is an accredited NICEIC Approved Contractor. 

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Our technical sales team can advise on customised solutions for your application, to ensure safe and optimised generation.


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