Gilkes dual circuit pump systems establish a foothold in engine HHP applications 

An ever-increasing list of engine manufactures are opting to switch from a two-pump high and low temperature arrangement to a single Gilkes pump design.

Over the last 15 years Gilkes has provided bespoke designs for both new engine platforms and the upgrading of existing cooling circuits; satisfying customers’ needs for reduced costs, higher levels of reliability, and increased efficiency. 

Our bespoke product development cycle allows engine manufacturers to tailor every aspect of the design to meet their ever-changing technical requirements, whilst using Gilkes’ long established engineering expertise. The latest simulation software allows us to develop solutions for the most complex of space envelopes and duty requirements whilst also maximising performance.

Pump sealing options satisfy all customer header tank arrangements to maintain existing or preferred feed systems and pressures.  Our designs achieve the following:


Dual circuit pumps offer unique benefits

  • Spaces and weight reduction
  • Cost advantages combining the HT & LT circuits into one pump
  • Lower parasitic engine loads
  • Simplified piping arrangements
  • Improved low temperature seal cooling


Jacket water high temperature (HT) & low temperature (LT) twin circuit cooling.


Marine, Power Gen, Mining, Oil & Gas, Rail


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