compact turbine range

Made up of both Pelton and Turgo turbines the Gilkes compact range has been specifically designed and engineered for the sub 100kW market. Our simple case design coupled with precision-engineered runners and spear valves have produced a range of cost effective, highly reliable turbines suitable for a wide hydraulic duty.

As a keystone component in any hydro scheme, it is essential that the turbine is well maintained and protected from damage. All of our compact turbines are fitted with a failsafe to close deflector that will engage the jet in the event of load rejection preventing the turbine going into a condition known as over-speed.

gilkes compact turbine control system

Utilising our in house developed turbine controller, the Gilkes Compact Turbine Control System provides a fully automatic control system. Capable of controlling both grid connected and islanded installations with either induction or synchronous generators.

As standard, the Compact Control System includes:

Additional options available are:

The water turbine is the key to any hydro project and requires correct interfacing with the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and civil aspects of the project. Gilkes has built on its experience over literally thousands of projects, this allows us to offer a truly integrated package of equipment. The optimum turbine selection for a given hydraulic duty and site application is dependent on many parameters.



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