Lujeri Tea Estate

Mulanje, Malawi

The Lujeri Tea Estates has 2 power houses situated on the Lujeri and Ruo rivers with 5 turbines in total, 4 of which are original Gilkes manufacture. The first Gilkes turbine was installed in the Ruo powerhouse in 1934 to supply power to the factory and for domestic use. With a further 2 turbines beng installed in 1946 and 1957. The 4th Gilkes machine was installed in the Lujeri powerhouse in 1957.

In 2010 Gilkes were approached by the present owners of the tea estate, PGI, with a view to modernising the Gilkes supplied equipment in both powerhouses. Many parts were over 25 years old and in need of replacement, with extensive wear to 1 runner, and oil pressure governors in completely non functional conditions. Excessive wear meant more water flow was required to generate power and the full power output was not maintainable.



• Both oil pressure governors in completely non-functional condition. Manual attempts at regulating speed by main inlet valves
• Outside expertise (Gilkes) decided upon to ensure work carried out properly
• Replacement of worn parts
• Gilkes carried out in-depth refurbishment, returning machines to original tolerances and performance
• New electro-hydraulic governing system
• End result was a fully functioning set of equipment left in a clean and tidy condition
• Cost of rehabilitation was 17% of whole new replacement


Key Stats

  • Commissioned 1957
  • Power 134 kW
  • Net Head 30 m
  • Flow 541 l/s
  • Turbine Type Francis