Ruo-Ndiza Hydro Commissioned in Malawi

12 June 2020

Our hydro engineering team have recently completed commissioning of the Ruo-Ndiza hydroelectric power station in Mulanje, in southern Malawi.  The run-of-river project, on the river Ruo at the foot of Mount Mulanje, was carried out on behalf of Mulanje Renewable Energy (MRE) in two phases over two years.  The first phase of the project was installed and commissioned in 2018 with a 3.4MW Pelton turbine using the flow from the river Ndiza, with 2 further 3.3 MW Pelton Turbines being installed and commissioned earlier this year harnessing the flow of the river Ruo.  The schemes are located on the Lujeri tea estate where Gilkes have a long history of hydropower, installing turbines here as far back as 1934. 

Look out for our full case study coming soon.