Lake Hancock & Lake Calligan Hydro Plants Officially Opened

Snohomish County Public Utility District has commissioned and officially opened a pair of small hydroelectric power projects in Washington's Snoqualmie Valley, USA.

The 2 plants recently began production with a ceremony that included Snohomish PUD commissioners, employees and community members.  The produced power will primarily help Snohomish PUD meet increased demand during Washington's cold season.

Gilkes is proud to have been a key supplier for the LV & HV water-to-wire package on the 6MW each Lake Hancock and Lake Calligan projects.  Special thanks to all involved in the project and especially the extremely knowledgeable and professional staff from the PUD who made the project a huge success.

Scope of supply included the turbine inlet valve, turbine, hydraulic control module, 6.9kV generator, generator lube oil system, unit control panels, indoor 7.2kV generator switchgear, all station service equipment, outdoor station service transformers, outdoor 6.9kV, 35kV step-up transformer, outdoor 35kV switchgear, and propane standby generators.

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