King Cove Hydro Refurbishment

3rd February 2022

The City of King Cove in Alaska is a community of less than 1000 residents, located on the western end of the Alaskan Peninsula.  It is one of the largest Aleut communities in Alaska and is a progressive waterfront community with two harbours supporting a year-round fisheries economy. One of the state’s largest fish processing operations, Peter Pan Seafoods, is located in King Cove.  The Community generates around 85% of its electricity from renewable sources, dramatically reducing its dependence on diesel.

In 1994 Gilkes supplied a Twin Jet Turgo for the first of 2 hydroelectric facilities.  This was the Delta Creek Hydro facility with an original power output of 834kW.  The current electric demand is about 4.5 MW and is met with about 4.3 MW from the two hydro facilities, with Delta Creek making up about 65% of this supply.   

Last year Gilkes were approached by the customer to carry out some refurbishment work on the turbine.   The work was scheduled around the non-peak season and the recent travel restrictions and our site engineers have just returned from carrying out the work which consisted of a replacement runner and other worn parts such as nozzles, spear rods, deflector plates etc.  We have since received a thank you from the customer for a job very well done!

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