Hydro Commissioning at Sherard Water Treatment Plant

20 July 2023

Our hydro engineers are recently back from the USA after successfully completing the commissioning of our latest hydropower turbine in North America. The 867 kW Vertical Four Jet Pelton is installed on a water treatment facility in Wyoming, USA.

The project on Sherard Water Treatment Plant will utilise existing raw water pressure to power the City of Cheyenne's water treatment facility.  Ground breaking on the project started 2 years ago, with a purpose built powerhouse.  The Turbine is powered by water flows from Cheyenne’s water supply coming into the plant.   The energy will be primarily used to power the treatment plant, which typically consumes 200 to 400 kilowatts, any remaining power will be sold back to the grid.


Energy Recovery Solutions

Energy recovery solutions are available for a wide range of applications in the water industry; to recover the energy lost if water pressure needs to be reduced before being used for a particular process.  The power can be exported to the grid to generate revenue or used onsite in islanded mode to offset energy costs.  Gilkes has a range of turbines that can be optimized to a specific site to harness the potential energy of the water and turn it into electricity.   


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