Gilkes move in to Midrange Marine Engine Cooling Market

22 February 2021

New lines of cost competitive pumps focusing on engines between 4L & 19L have provided our initial customers with considerable gains in quality and total cost of ownership. The all metal construction provides a much needed change to the existing “rubber impeller” options, extending life expectancy before service by up to 6 times, saving downtime and costs for the end-user.

Our bespoke product development cycle allows engine manufacturers to tailor every aspect of the design to meet their ever-changing technical requirements whilst using Gilkes’ long established engineering expertise and understanding of the marine market environment. The latest simulation software allows us to develop solutions for the most complex of space envelopes and duty requirements whilst also maximising performance.

Initially focused on Commercial, Military and SOLAS applications with a dry running capability the self-priming Raw and Freshwater pumps have now migrated into the mainstream pleasure boat markets combining the strength, durability and flexibility seen in our High Horse Power ranges.


Block and Low Temperature after cooling of Auxiliary drive and Marine Power Generation engines on ocean and inland waterway vessels.

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