Best Delivery Performance Award from Cummins

Gilkes are delighted to be recognised with a “Best Delivery Performance – Direct Sourcing Award” from Cummins.  The award, for performance in 2022, is in recognition of the partnership and dedication the Gilkes team have shown towards Cummins.   This is a fantastic achievement for the Gilkes team and shows a consistent level of service following on from awards in previous years.


Gilkes’ excellent service levels are a culmination of some key elements:

Planning – our Demand Planning and Material Planning teams collaborate extremely well and ensure that any abnormal customer demand is detected early, investigated and schedules updated accordingly. Of course, the real backbone of this process is data accuracy and we work hard to ensure our BoM’s and routings are maintained to the highest levels.

Employee Retention – Gilkes retained every employee through the COVID pandemic. The leadership team decided early on that retaining our people was not only crucial but also the right thing to do. We knew we had the cash reserves, so the financial performance became less important whilst we navigated the business through the pandemic. This loyalty to our employees was reciprocated after lockdown and as demand began to increase, we were able to hit the ground running.

Finished Goods – Managing finished goods is crucial to ensuring 100% OTIF and accurate forecasts, especially from the Daventry plant, has enabled us to optimise out inventory levels.

Communication – our communication, up and down the supply chain is very good. We let suppliers know as soon as possible of any changes to the schedule so that adequate time can be spent on trading capacity. We also ensure we get back to Cummins as early as we can if we are unable to achieve the schedules.

Graeme Green, EMEA Direct Materials Purchasing Leader - At Cummins, we strive to work with the best suppliers in their respected industry and you have consistently proven to be one of those. We value the products that you provide and have been consistently impressed by the high level of professionalism that you bring to every aspect of our partnership. We would like to offer you and your team our congratulations on winning this award. We are confident that you will continue to thrive and succeed as we grow together in the future.

Members of the Gilkes team involved in the delivery of Cummins orders