Vara Blanca

Heredia, Costa Rica

CH Vara Blanca is a small hydroelectric scheme located in the province of Heredia, Costa Rica, near the town with the same project´s name. This project was developed by Suerkata S.R.L. a local company with a 20 year experience in the private power production market.

Ground breaking began in August 2009, civil construction initiated on May 2011, comissioning and start up started January 2012 and full production capability was reached on April 2012.

The project uses a maximum of 2200 litre per second from the San Rafael river, which is then transported through a penstock of nearly 2km with a 135m net head, to the Gilkes electro-mechanical equipment package at the powerhouse. For this project Glkes worked with Ingeteam and Indar.

The highest standards were a requirement of the developer for all aspects of the project including construction, equipment supply and ongoing operational technology to monitor the schemes electrical generation.



Key Stats

  • Commissioned 2012
  • Power 2650 kW
  • Net Head 135 M
  • Flow 2.2 m3/sec
  • Turbine Horizontal Francis