Pungwe B

Zimbabwe, Africa

A strong relationship between NRE and Gilkes, provided the basis of the Pungwe B project, following on from the success of the Pungwe A and Duru projects. 

A dedicated team set out to have the scheme protection and grid connection arrangements agreed before an order was placed, with a project engineer, electrical engineer, and an installation engineer all allocated specific roles and given areas of responsibility. A constant communication path between the client and Gilkes, was set up to give everyone involved within the project clear visions on the progress made and work conducted.

At the stage of factory testing, the client was invited to witness the generator testing. This provided the client with an insight into how the generator worked, and gave them a good basis for the maintenance procedures required. At this stage a meeting confirmed strategic spares needed for the planned maintenance schedule. The installation team led by an experienced engineer who had extensive knowledge of the area, arrived at site upon confirmation of readiness from the client.

Due to the remoteness of the site, accommodation was provided on site, accompanied by welfare facilities. The site teams had a rotation process to ensure a presence on site throughout installation and commissioning. The commissioning team set out to have three of the four machines commissioned prior to the Christmas break. Due to hard work and organisation the project exceeded expectation, having all four machines commissioned. 


  • 4 x 28" Twin Jet Turgo Impulse turbines fitted with hydraulic actuators
  • 4 x set of inlet pipework up to the flange of the main inlet valve
  • 4 x main inlet valve, double flanged 900mm PN25 butterfly valve, weight to close hydraulic actuator to open. Inc bypass system
  • 4 x 4800kVA, 6000v, 750RPM Synchronous Generator, with the turbine runner supported on flange end overhung shaft. Inc lube oil unit, air blast cooler, flywheel and cover
  • 2 x control panel suitable for operation of two x twin jet Turgo
  • 1 x 630A rated 6kV standalone VCB switching panel (T1)
  • 3 x 630A rated 6kV standalone VCB switching panel (T2-4)
  • 4 x 5000kVA 6000/33000 volt 50Hz oil cooled ONAN free YNd11
  • 2 x 110v DC battery panels 15A
  • 2 x neutral earthing resistors rated 6kV
  • 2 x neutral earthing resistors rated 33kV
  • 4 x hydraulic control module
  • 2 x head level sensor
  • Installation of Gilkes equipment - commissioning of Gilkes supplied equipment
  • Full set of OM Manuals
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Key Stats

  • Commissioned December 2014
  • Power 4204 kW (Each Turbine)
  • Net Head 176 m
  • Flow 3000 l/s
  • Turbine Type HCTI Twin Jet Turgo

I am just back from a week in Zimbabwe and was very impressed by what I saw. It was especially exciting to see all 4 machines operational and the powerhouse looking finished and tidy. Many thanks to you all for all the hard work in getting to the finishing post ahead of time. I hope you have all found it as interesting a job as we all have and that you have enjoyed doing it. ‘

Sebastian Hobhouse - Chief Executive - PGI Group Ltd