Small Hydro Projects in Japan

Gilkes have installed 17 small hydro turbines in Japan, with a total power output of 19.5MW.

The Government of Japan have a strategic Energy Plan which aims to boost renewable energy and account for 36-38% of the countries power supplies by 2030.  With an office in Tokyo, Gilkes Hydro are well positioned to support our customers in Japan and ensure that hydropower continues to be vital part of the renewable energy mix.

Some of our projects are below:



Kosomu Shizuku

  • Twin Jet Turgo
  • 1605 kW Power Output
  • 25" Diameter
  • Delivered 2023

Naruko Dam

  • Twin Jet Turgo
  • 200 kW Power Output
  • 16.5" Diameter
  • Delivered 2015

Shin Kuronagi

  • Twin Jet Turgo
  • 1980 kW Power Output
  • 22.5" Diameter
  • Delivered 2012